Face retouching

Face retouching app

A powerful and modern set of services for online facial retouching Pixelmaniya

When ordering services from the Face Retouching service from Pixelmaniya, you receive processing of your images in two main directions.

The first tool that changes sizes.

Enlargement or reduction of parts of the face in the photo

With our face retouching application, your photos are carefully and efficiently transformed by the painstaking work of designers.

Smooth adjustment of the size of the nose, eyes and mouth.

General slimming for the face in the photo with the removal of a double chin and a reduction in the cheeks and width of the face.

You can adjust the size of your ears or the overall asymmetry of your face in a few clicks from any of your devices.

You just go on and on improving your picture by adding or removing facial retouching services.

Quickly add volume to hair and remove stray hair.

Cover up gray hair or hide bald spots – these options are also available in your personal retouching account.

You can appreciate the impeccable quality of processing literally from the first examples of photo processing.

Add the services you need for facial retouching in your Pixelmaniya personal account!
Note the extent of the retouching services! “Normal”, “Increased”, “Increase”, “Decrease”, “Tighten”

After choosing all the necessary services for your retouching, send the order to our designers for processing!
Wait for your order to be completed on the order history page!

Fixing skin and hair imperfections in photos

Various methods are used to correct skin and hair imperfections.

The main ones are removing unnecessary details from your photo.

Such as wrinkles, pimples, circles under the eyes or moles.

Next we apply smoothing to the skin in the photo.

This method is applicable for both high-quality and low-quality photos.

We preserve the texture of the skin and the light-shadow pattern with this service.

You can also expand your capabilities by changing the hair or eye color in the photo.

Work on the chin by adding sharpness or masculinity to it.

And as a result, you get a verified and clear retouching of all your photos!

Face retouching

How to start using the FACE RETOUCHING service?

Everything is as simple as possible!

  • Log in to the Pixelmaniya website.
  • Add your image for retouching.
  • In the FACE section, select the services you need.
  • Check the services added to the order, add missing ones and delete unnecessary ones if necessary.
  • Submit your photo for retouching.
  • Get the finished result

FAQs about facial photo retouching

You can add as many services as you need

You can always add your comments to the order and amendments. In addition, some facial retouching services have user-configurable levels of action. The default is “natural”. You can also select “reduce” or “increase” and “intensified”

Most facial retouching services cost between 5 and 10 tokens. The maximum service cost is 50 tokens – these are complex services for adding a new hairstyle or beard to a photo. And the service for removing braces in the photo costs about 30 tokens.

It all depends on the number of services selected in your order and their complexity. On average, an order takes from 3 to 10 minutes.

You can either cancel the service entirely by adding a comment about it. Or change its degree of action – for example, from “enhanced” mode to “natural”

You can specify the number of people required for retouching! Moreover, for one person you can apply facial retouching, and for the second, for example, body retouching or facial retouching.

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