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Frequently Asked Questions

Pixelmaniya is a collaboration between a team of retouchers and various AI tools. We put more than 150 simple and complex functions at your disposal and add new ones. We want to be your favorite photo processing tool for fast and high-quality retouching.

Because Pixelmaniya gives you certain advantages over other online photo editing services. The most important thing is feedback during the process of completing your order. You always participate in the process whenever you want. You can make edits and add details to the order both during its execution and after receiving the finished result.

Usually, from sending a photo for retouching to receiving the finished photo, you only need to wait 2-3 minutes. Labor-intensive processes, such as restoring a photo, colorizing a photo, or removing unnecessary details from a photo, take up more time in the work of a designer and AI. Often AI cannot cope with complex backgrounds and a retoucher helps here. We try not to make you wait long for the result, but sometimes there is a queue and you need to wait a little longer for the finished work.

Yes, sure! You can always make your own adjustments to the retouching of your orders if you wish. In addition, you can always add or remove any service from those used

All services cost differently. Basic services cost from 5 to 15 tokens. Complex and time-consuming services such as restoration, colorization or clothing removal cost 150-300 tokens. The cost of each service is visible under the service icon in your personal account. Services are valued in tokens, which are awarded automatically when purchasing different token packages! Upon registration, the user immediately receives 20 tokens for trial retouching. For the first purchase of any token package except the $2 package, we will award the user an additional 200 tokens!

Tokens can be purchased in the usual way using a credit card. Just like a normal online purchase. For the first purchase we add 200 tokens, except for the $2 package. In addition, all regular customers regularly receive gifts and bonuses from Pixelmaniya.

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